• Mission statement
    Akoranga Integrated Health Clinic is an innovative community service dedicated to the provision of collaborative person-centered healthcare through excellence in education and research.
  • Interprofessional healthcare
    Where you benefit from two or more health professionals working together to provide you the best possible advice and care.
  • Patient feedback
    "We want to let you know how very impressed we are with your student, she was amazing and was easy to talk to. She also thought out side of the square looking at different ways of helping us."
  • Services
    Our services include: oral health, podiatry, physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, counselling psychology, speech and language therapy, nurse health assessments and occupational therapy.


Akoranga Integrated Health (AIH) is open to everyone in the community. We welcome all clients, with or without a referral to access our health services at a cost effective price, in one convenient location.  We offer you a wide range of health and rehabilitation services.

AIH provides supervised clinical experience for students in both undergraduate and post graduate health care programmes at AUT University.  The aim of the clinic is to allow students to work within their chosen field and also to have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from other disciplines in the provision of client centered care.  AUT promotes the World Healthcare Organization’s vision for the future of healthcare by creating an environment where different health services (eg a podiatrist and physiotherapist) work together, with the goal of better health outcomes for you.

Working together in education, health service delivery and research.


AIH is part of the National Centre for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (NCIPECP)